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Menswear: 5 Ways To Stay Stylish In The Summer

by The Black Lapel |

  1. Stick to a lighter color palette. Darker colors keep in the heat and usually look out of place for the summer aesthetic. You can still wear your typical colors if you’re a fan of neutrals, but just go for medium shades instead of traditional dark navy and charcoal if lighter ones are too drastic for you. Various shades of browns are also great substitutes for black and pair well with a wide variety of colors.
  2. Focus on separates. If you still have to look professional during the warm months, utilize two and three piece suit options that can be broken up and worn on their own with lighter weight items. For example, a nice pair of lightweight wool dress pants with a 100% cotton dress shirt and tie is a heat-friendly menswear look while still remaining put together. Simply add a vest for more formal events! Or, pair a linen sports coat with jeans and a moisture-wicking polo for a casual weekend look.
  3. Look for natural fibers. Cotton, linen, silk, and wool will be your best friends this summer. Natural fibers release body heat and are extremely breathable. When it comes to custom jackets, ask your tailor about what type of lining fabric they use. Most are made with polyester which will make you feel warm very quickly as synthetics trap in heat. All of our jacket linings are 100% cotton and feel like silk which are perfect for those living in Delhi!
  4. Choose canvas interfacing. If you’re going to wear a suit or jacket, make sure it is made with canvas inside as opposed to standard interfacing. A canvas construction is made from horsehair wefts mixed with cotton and silk, making it a natural fabric. This interior layer allow for your body heat to be released and keep you cool instead of trapping all of that in. Most off-the-rack (and even some custom) suiting is made with traditional synthetic interfacing and glue, so be sure to ask your tailor what method they use. All of the custom mens suits at Artful Tailoring are proudly made using canvas construction.
  5. Details in dressing. Lastly, regardless of what you decide to wear during the summer months, don’t forget about tailoring! From jeans, t-shirts, and other menswear casual clothing, we can tailor it all. You can still look put-together and stylish no matter what the weather is like. We offer full-service tailoring at our Chennai location. Don’t sacrifice your personal style this summer! Visit our experts today.