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Our Founder

Way back in 1963, Our founder Mr.Arjun G Pahlajani, believed that the real You should always come through with a bespoke clothing that fits your personality, as impeccably as your build.

This belief led him to the creation of a business in the most competitive tailoring market in the world hence the name. He created a niche with good selection of high end fabrics, yet affordable, bespoke tailored garments. It’s been more than 5 decades, and we still continue to carry his Belief to all our customers.

Following his Legacy

Since 1963, Our team of expert tailors provide best tailoring services in Chennai. We always use the best quality fabrics & imported material to tailor everything from coats and jackets to trousers, business shirts and suits, as well as smart casual attire. All our customers are extremely happy both in India and around the world.

Our Team

We understand that every individual is unique and motivates us; we are very persistent to offer the best hand-cut, machine-sewed shirts, trousers and suits to our customers who always want the Best fit. Quality has never been an accident, we are adamant about sticking on to our perfection and quality detailing. Starting from the selection of the fabric, buttons, cuffs & collar, we make sure we choose the best.

You can call it an Obsession, but we only want to hear one word ‘perfect‘ when our customers are slipping themselves into the clothes stitched by The Black Lapel.