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Measurements Guide

Neck Measurement

Measure around the fullest part of your neck, but don’t measure too tightly—a finger or two should fit between the measuring tape and your neck.

Shoulder Measurement

Wearing a shirt that fits you well helps with this measurement, as you’re pretty much just measuring the distance between armhole seams across your back.

Sleeve Measurement

Keeping your shoulders relaxed and arms down at your sides, hold the measuring tape at the centre of your shoulder. Measure straight down to the middle of your wrist. That's your full sleeve measurement.

Chest Underarm Measurement

Wrap the measuring tape under your arms, measuring around the widest part of your chest. As tempting as it is, don’t puff out your chest or flex.


Wrap the measuring tape around your waist, just above your hips, where dress pants would normally sit. If you’re wearing jeans or casual pants, aim for just above the waist of the pant, but don’t go over the top, where a belt would sit.

Outseam Measurement

Measure from the top of your waistband, straight down to the ground. You can either subtract 1″-2″ from the total measurement, or eyeball the spot where your pants hit your shoe. If you tend to wear your pants with a larger break (more pant fabric gathered on the shoe), just subtract 1″-2″ from the total waist-to-floor measurement.

Inseam Measurement

Most suiting brands won’t request an inseam measurement, but they’ll usually take one during a fitting. First, wear pants that fit you well, without a lot of loose fabric. Then, measure the inside seam of your pant leg, from the highest point to the edge of your dress shoes. Don’t measure to the end of the pants you’re wearing

As you take your measurements, keep in mind that these raw numbers don’t always translate into garment sizes. For example, your waist measurement may be 33”, but that doesn’t mean you’re a size 33 waist. #MindBlown

Very Important - Please note

Before taking hip measurements - Take off your jacket, coat or other bulky clothing and loosen your belt and empty your pockets. Make sure your pockets are empty and the tape is not restrictive.


Measure around the fullest part of your hips and buttocks. 

Thigh Measurement

Wearing trousers, empty your pockets then,  start at the top of your inseam, measure  around your thigh with room for a finger. 

Pants Cuff Circumference

Measure the desired circumference of the bottom of your trousers.

Shirt Length

Measure from the base of the neck, down your chest, to the desired length

Midsection/ Stomach

Measure around your true waist, the widest part of your stomach. This will typically be at the level of your belly button.