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by The Black Lapel •

11 Unbelievable Facts About Hemp Fabric

For those who do not know, Hemp is a common name for Cannabis. Industrial hemp can be put to many different uses, which includes producing paper, biodegradable plastic, health food, fuel, and textile. Hemp happens to be an all-rounder plant which not only has significance in the world of medicine, but also the world of fashion.   Hemp fabric has been taking on the world! Big fashion brands are busy incorporating hemp in their clothing lines. Read more on 5 reasons why hemp is the next big thing in the sustainable fashion world. A biodegradable fabric that is easy to grow and process, hemp has a very nice, comfortable feel to it. If you are thinking of investing in ethical Hemp fashion, then here are 11 pointers that you might be interested in.   1. It Is Very Comfortable And Easy To Wear Fabric Many people mistook hemp to be an uncomfortable fabric which may be rough against the skin. Let us clear that myth for you, shall we? Over the years, hemp has gained massive popularity, because designers have been able to process a fashionable, comfortable and sophisticated version of it. 2. Be It Summer Or The Winter Hemp Fabric Is Easy To Sport One of the best qualities of hemp is that it is neither too thick nor too thin. You can easily wear it during the summers because it feels comfortable. It happens to have a nice, flowy drape, which will keep you at ease. You can wear the same garments during winters by layering it up, and you will look like a million bucks.  3. Hemp Does Not Crease Easily - It Also Has A Good Fall To It This particular fabric is gaining popularity among designers because it is easy to design. Hemp does not crease easily, so it is great for people who do not like ironing their clothes all the time. It also doesn’t catch a stain, it is very easy to clean and more than anything it has a good drape. Since the fall of the fabric is excellent, it is used to create both Indian and Western outfits. 4. Hemp Is A Breathable And Lightweight Fabric Fabrics such as nylon and polyester are not breathable. You will notice that those who wear these fabrics oftentimes have body odor. Natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe. The fibers are lighter and they do not cling to the skin. If you are someone who likes to be comfortable all the time, then hemp is the best breathable fabric for you.  5. It Is Water-Resistant A plant-based hydrophobic fiber, hemp does not absorb water very quickly. So if someone accidentally splashes water on you, you will not end up drenched and embarrassed. The anti-UV or sun-protective fabric offers protection from harsh weather conditions and is great for clumsy people who tend to spill liquids.  6. Hemp Is UV Resistant A lot of fabric lose their luster and color after a few wears because they cannot withstand the harsh rays of the sun. Hemp, on the other hand, is known for absorbing the UV rays. Unlike silk or cotton, it does not tarnish easily. The fabrics look as good as new even after multiple wears and the colors remain to be vibrant. It is good to wear ethical hemp fabrics in summer because it absorbs the UV rays and protects the wearer.  7. The Durability Factor Of Hemp Fabric One of the strongest fibers to be found, hemp happens to be 4 times sturdier than cotton. So if you are someone who travels a lot, or if your work requires you to be outdoors all day and you want your garment to survive regular wear and tear, then hemp is the right choice for you. It can take a lot of damage and bear more weight.  8. Mold Resistant Hemp Another excellent quality of this fabric is that it is mold resistant. This fabric is spun in a very unique manner, because of which it stays, clean and fresh for a much longer time. So your clothes can sit in your almirah for a very long time, but still, look and feel fresh. 9. The Versatility Of Hemp Hemp happens to be a very versatile fabric, which can be blended with other weaker fabrics to make them stronger. If you want to wear something lightweight, yet sturdy and soft, then a silk-hemp blend will be a good choice.  10. It Is Available In Natural Colors The best part is that the hemp fabric has a very beautiful natural color. While some designers like coloring this fabric in organic dye, these can easily pass off as beautiful garments without being dyed. 11. Hemp Is Recyclable  Once you are done with your favorite hemp Kurta or skirt, you can easily recycle it. You won't feel guilty of adding to the landfills, because hemp is biodegradable as well.  The Hemp fabric is much loved by consumers and designers alike. At a time where the concept of slow fashion is being propagated, this particular fabric is the need of the hour.  Few Shirts From Our Hemp Collection   Samara 100% Hemp White Shirt Faiyum Natural Beige Hemp Shirt